About the Artist


Jay Nark (b. 2000) explores a variety of mediums in her artistic practice, including digital and traditional illustration, soft sculpture, and book arts; as both an artist and an author, the primary function of her work is to tell a story and to convey that narrative to her viewers. Alongside her fiancé, she travels to towns and hikes trailheads across North Georgia, primarily in vicinities of Helen, Ellijay, and Dahlonega. She is influenced the flora and fauna she witnesses both on the trail and on the way to it, as well as naturally-occurring patterns, textures, and unique rock and crystal formations. As a result of these diverse sources of inspiration, her art style is incredibly varied; her digital work tends to be colorful, yet simple and concrete, often pattern based, whereas her work in the material mediums of sculpture and book arts are more muted, symbolic, and abstract. Themes she commonly explores include the individual, the natural, and the complex relationship between the two in order to tell the complicated tale of man and his interactions with the environment. Nark frequently deals in the emotive as well, creating pieces that reveal her personal memories and the ordinary experiences and often invoke a strong sense of nostalgia and melancholy. For instance, her 2019 sculpture, “Nest,” recreates a sacred space from her childhood through the analogy of a pensile bird’s nest, like those orioles fashion to rear and protect their young; it was a safe space, a retreat, for a distraught, tortured youth, where she would hide away to read, write, and shelter herself from the trials and tribulations of the outside world. At first glance, this cardboard sculpture inspires a sense of child-like wonder, awe, and reminiscence, but upon knowing what it represents – and that the protective space it represents no longer exists – sorrow and anguish permeate the piece. She is currently based in Athens as she pursues a major in Interdisciplinary Art & Design and a minor in English at the University of Georgia; a piece of her photography will soon be showed at the Lyndon House Art Center’s 46th Juried Exhibition, juried by Hallie Ringle from the Birmingham Museum of Contemporary Art. She greatly anticipates her upcoming April 2021 Senior Exit graduation exhibition at the Lamar Dodd School of Art.